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15 blend words examples


In English, Blending is a word-formation process in which parts of two or more words combine to create a new word. Words that are formed when two or more words are combined to form new words have some of the properties of each of the original words. Therefore, combining two or more words creates a new word that refers to something that has some properties of the original words.

We already have many blend words in the English language, and even more blend words are being created every day. Here we provide 15 commonly used blend words:

  1. brunch = breakfast + lunch

  2. biopic = biography + picture

  3. glimmer = gleam + shimmer

  4. camcorder = camera + recorder

  5. motel = motor + hotel

  6. sitcom = situation + comedy

  7. clash = clap + crash

  8. smash = smack + mash

  9. workaholic = work + alcoholic

  10. moped = motor + pedal

  11. pulsar = pulse + quasar

  12. globish = global + English

  13. faction = fact + fiction

  14. docudrama = documentary + drama

  15. sportscast = sports + broadcast

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