Food production

Food production

  • The efficiency of food production can be improved by restricting animals movement and by controlling the temperature of their surroundings.

  • Things affecting food security include: changing climate, growing population, and pests and pathogens.

  • The prices of Wheat and rice increased by 130% and 75% in 2008 .

  • Intensive farming is the latest technique used to meet the rising demand for cheap food.

  • Intensive agriculture use large amounts of fertilizer, pesticides, and labor to increase per acre yield of the crop being grown.

  • Farmers growing arable crops such as wheat and barley.

  • Farmers growing a single crop year after year on the same land to maximise their profits. This is called monoculture.

  • It reduce key nutrients in the soil and damages the soil ecology. It also reduces biodiversity.

  • Organic farmers use natural fertilisers. They do not use toxic pesticides.

  • Organic farming promotes biodiversity and keep the soil heathy.

  • Organic food is expensive and people are willing to pay more for their health benefits.