The human skeletal system

The human skeletal system

  • The human skeletal system has 206 bones.

  • Bones are tough so, they can protect delicate organs.

  • The outer layer of bones have very strong tissue.

  • The inner layer of bones are made from spongy tissue.

  • The muscular system has approximately 640 muscles.

  • Your muscles need more oxygen and glucose during exercise.

  • Muscles are attached to bones through bands called tendons.

  • Antagonistic muscles function in pairs.

  • Antagonistic muscles work opposed to each other.

Functions of skeletal system

  1. The skeletal system provides structural support for the entire body.

  2. The skeletal system protects our internal organs.

  3. Some bones in the skeleton contain red bone marrow and the bone marrow produces red blood cells and white blood cells.

  4. The skeletal system allows movement of the body.

  • The lungs are protected by the ribcage.