Forces and Friction

Forces and Friction

  • Forces are a push or pull.

  • Forces usually work in pairs.

  • Forces can be balanced or unbalanced.

  • Two equal size forces acting in opposite direction on an object are called balanced forces.

  • Two different size forces acting on an object are called unbalanced forces.

  • Forces are measured by a device called force meter.

  • The unit of force is newton.

  • Friction is a force that works in opposite direction to movement.

  • Friction slows down the speed of moving objects.

  • Friction also produces heat.

  • Rough surface produces more friction.

  • We use oil to reduce friction between moving parts of a car engine.

  • When we walk, friction prevents our feet from sliding all over the place.

  • Different types of surfaces create different amounts of friction.

  • There are four types of friction: static, fluid, sliding and rolling.