Comparing and Contrasting

Compare and Contrast:

We can compare and contrast using conjunction, phrase, or adverb in a sentence. These are some words and phrases to compare two things or ideas.

  • like

  • same as

  • as well as

  • likewise

  • also,too

  • than

These are some words, phrases, and conjunctions to contrast two things or ideas.

  • in contrast to

  • as opposed to

  • unlike

  • on the other hand

  • however

  • though

  • although

These are some examples:

  • Our house is bigger than his house.

  • She looks like an angel.

  • Although it was raining, she went for a walk.

  • Despite the cold weather, he went for swimming.

  • Unlike his sister, he is very tall.

  • She is intelligent, on the other hand she is lazy.