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What is Contraction?

What is Contraction?

Contractions are made by removing letters and putting an apostrophe. It refers to a shorten form of a word.

The following table shows the examples of Contractions.

Full form Contraction
I am I'm
They are They're
He is He's
They do not They don't
She does not She doesn't
We did not We didn't
He has not He hasn't
He will He'll
He can not He can't
They have They've
There is There's
Let us Let's
are not aren't
could not couldn't
had not hadn't
have not haven't
must not mustn't
He had He'd
He has He's
What are What're
What is What's
What will What'll
Who have Who've
Where is Where's
would not wouldn't
We would We'd