Punctuation Rules

What is Punctuation?

Punctuation is the collection of signs or symbols that is used to separate sentences and parts of sentences, making their meaning clear. They are used to add pause and emphasis to a sentence. There are different types of punctuation marks, they are listed below:

  • Commas (,)

  • Period (.)

  • Exclamation Marks (!)

  • Colons (:)

  • Apostrophes(')

  • Quotation Marks (")

  • Question Marks (?)

How to use Commas?

A comma is used to indicate a parting in a sentence. It tells the reader where there is a pause in the given sentence.

1. Use Comma in a List:

When you list three or more items, use comma between the items in a list.

  • She would like pizza, coke, and salad.

  • Max visited Canada, France, and Paris.

2. Use Comma Between Adjectives and Adverbs:

  • He would like to have a big, black, warm jacket.

  • He walks slowly, smoothly and nicely.

3. Use Comma Between Numbers:

  • This car is £500,000.

  • She gave me £100,000 for my new car.

4. Use Comma With Dates and Address:

  • He came here June 1, 2014.

  • She lives at 25 South Street, Toronto, Canada.

5. Use Comma Before a Coordinating Conjunction:

  • She likes pizza, but she also likes crisps.

  • It looked dirty, so I did not touch it.

6. Use Comma With Quotations:

  • He said, "I am busy."

  • Alice said, "I got a new car last week."

7. Use Comma After Introductory Words:

  • Wow, What a wonderful day!

Period or Full Stop:

A period, also called full stop, comes at the end of the sentence. It is not used in interrogative or exclamatory sentences.

1. Use Period at The End of The Sentence:

  • I get up early in the morning.

  • The sun rises in the east.

2. Use Periods in Abbreviations:

  • B.S. = Bachelor of Science

  • p.m. = Post meridian, "after midday"

3. Use Periods in Website Addresses:

  • www.grammar.com

4. Use Periods at The End of Commands:

  • Drive carefully.

  • Drink lots of juice.

Exclamation Marks:

An exclamation mark is used after interjection and exclamatory sentence to express strong feelings. It is also called exclamation point.

1. Use at the end of the Exclamatory sentence:

  • How beautiful the weather is!

2. Use After Interjection:

  • Hurray! We won the match!


A colon is used to introduce a list, a quotations or between two main clause.

1. To Introduce a List:

  • These are my favourite dish: pizza, pasta and coke.


An apostrophe is used to show possession. It is also used to indicate omission of letter.

1. To Show Possession:

  • These are Amy's books

  • My uncle's house is very big.

2. To Show a Missing Letter:

  • I'm going to school.

Quotation Marks:

Quotation marks are used to show where a speech or quotation starts and ends.

1. To Quote Speech:

  • Max said, "I have made this painting."

Question Marks:

A question mark is used at the end of the question sentence. It shows that it is a question.

1. Use Question Marks at The End of The Question Sentence:

  • Do you play tennis?

  • Will she have gotten married by next Monday?