What are articles

What are Articles?

An article is a word used to modify or describe nouns. There are three articles "A", "An" and "The". We divide them in two categories, Definite and Indefinite.

Types Of Articles

1. Definite Article:

We use definite article, "The", for specific things. It defines its noun as something previously mentioned or something unique. It can be used both in singular and plural nouns.


  • She went to the hospital.

  • He wants the red pen.

  • Please give me the pink flower.

  • I have found the key that I lost.

  • He passed the exam.

  • I cleaned the room yesterday.

  • The bus was late.

2. Indefinite Article:

We use indefinite articles "A" and "An" for non specific or general things. The indefinite article is not used with non-countable nouns e.g. water, air.

Note: You can use articles a / an only with singular nouns.


  • She got a dress.

  • He is eating an apple.

  • She is a doctor.

  • He has a big house.

  • She wants a doll.

  • He has a dog.

"A" is used with words beginning with consonant sound.

  • A cat

  • A teacher

  • A chair

  • A doll

"An" is used with words beginning with vowel sound.

  • An apple

  • An umbrella

  • An elephant

  • An eye

  • An hour

  • An orange

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