Past Perfect Tense

Past Perfect Tense

Past Perfect Tense is used to describes that one action was completed before another took place.

We use had + past participle of a verb for making sentences.

Past perfect Tense

subject + had + 3rd form of the verb + object

Affirmative Sentences:

  • When we arrived, the game had started.

  • When she came, they had slept.

  • She lost so much weight because she had begun exercise.

  • He had studied English before he moved to London.

Negative Sentences:

subject + had not + 3rd form of the verb + object

  • It had not rained last month.

  • She had not finished her work last week.

  • They had not eaten at that cafĂ© before today.

Interrogative Sentences:

Had + subject + 3rd form of the verb + object

  • Had you completed your homework?

  • Had you called your sister?

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