Future Continuous Tense

Future Continuous Tense

The future Continuous Tense is used to express about something happening at some point in the future.

We use will be + ing for making this tense.

Subject + will be + Verb-ing

Future Continuous Tense
Fig. 1: Using Future Continuous Tense

Affirmative Sentences:

  • I will be playing at 9am.

  • He will be having dinner at home.

  • You will be feeling well tomorrow.

  • She will be going to school tomorrow at 9am.

Negative Sentences:

will not be + present participle
  • It will not be raining tomorrow.

  • She will not be flying a kite.

  • He will not be meeting his friend tomorrow.

Interrogative Sentences:

will + subject + be + present participle
  • Will she be eating pizza tomorrow?

  • Will he be coming with us tomorrow?

  • Will I be sleeping in this room?

  • Will you be feeling well tomorrow?

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