Past Simple Tense

Past Simple Tense

We use Past Simple Tense` to talk about something that happened in the past and finished in the past.

Past Simple Tense

The forms of Simple Past Tense:

1.1 Affirmative Sentences:

We normally add ed to the end of the regular verb for making affirmative sentence. The most common time expressions used for the tense are: yesterday, last month, ago.

Subject + 2nd form of a verb + object

  • We went to china for our holidays last month.

  • I went to school very late yesterday.

  • She washed her dress yesterday.

  • He played the piano.

1.2 Negative Sentences:

We use did not to make negative sentence in past simple.

Subject + did not + 1st form of a verb + object

  • He did not talk to Sam yesterday.

  • She did not eat cake last night.

  • Mary did not sleep yesterday.

  • They did not play the game last week.

Note: We use 2nd form of verb only in positive sentence not in negative and interrogative sentence. In negative and interrogative, we use first form of the verb as a main verb.

1.3 Interrogative or Question Sentence:

We use did to make a question sentence in the past tense. This is for regular and irregular not for to be or modal verb.

Did + Subject + 1st form of a verb + object

  • Did he live in China?

  • Did you eat chocolate?

  • Did they arrive on time?

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