Future Perfect Continuous

What is the Future Perfect Continuous Tense?

We use Future Perfect Continuous tense to express situations that will finish for a specific period of time in the future.

Subject + Will + have + been + verb-ing

Time expressions that are commonly used:

tomorrow, next month, next week, this year.

Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Affirmative Sentences:

  • By the next year, I will have been working as a doctor for 9 years.

  • She will have been writing a book for six months by the end of this year.

  • They will have been making this painting for one year by the end of this week.

Negative Sentences:

  • She will not have been sleeping for two hours.

  • They will not have been playing tennis since 2014.

  • It will not have been raining for three hours.

Interrogative Sentences:

  • Will I have been living in china since 2015?

  • Will she have been cooking for two hours?

  • Will he have been studying English for two years by the end of this week?

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